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ChunkFS is about reducing the file system checking (fsck) time. ChunkFS is an idea that Arjan van de Ven and Val Henson came up with in order to avoid the fsck time increase linearly with the disk drive and the metadata on the disk drive increases.


See the reading list for more literature on ChunkFS.




Source Code


ChunkFS git tree: git://


ChunkFS FUSE git tree: git://


ChunkFS tools: git://


ChunkFS How To


Compiling Tools and Making File System


1. Download tools from git://

2. Compile it with ./configure and make.

3. Create a sparse file with:

dd if=/dev/zero of=disk1.dsk bs=1k seek=/[1024*4-1/] count=1

4. Create chunkfs in the sparse file with 4 chunks as:

./mkfs -C 4 disk1.dsk


Compiling ChunkFS git tree


1. Download ChunkFS git tree from git://

2. Compile with CONFIG_CHUNKFS_FS set and CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP to "y". NOTE: No xattrs and xips yet, CONFIG_EXT2_FS_XATTR and CONFIG_EXT2_FS_XIP should be "no" for clean compile.

3. Boot the compiled kernel and mount the newly created file system as:

mount -t chunkfs disk1.dsk -o loop

4. Play around with it.


Announcement for the code can be found here:

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